Pilates for neurological conditions

It can be challenging to find a way to exercise when dealing with a neurological condition or adjusting after a neurological event.

However with the correct help this is possible; an individual Pilates session with a suitably experienced and qualified instructor can be tailored to suit the individual. It is great to be able to experience again the buzz from ‘happy hormones’ produced by exercise.

Pilates can also be used to help with specific issues that you may be experiencing as a direct result of your neurological condition eg core stability, flexibility, stamina, strength. Pilates can also be used as an adjunct to rehab.

An individual session is the best way to achieve this although progression to a class is also possible.

“Jo tailors my sessions to my particular needs – a mix of Pilates and physio. As she has an understanding of my condition – MS – she is able to ensure sessions are specific to my mobility needs. She listens to my current issues and ensures she works on and gives me exercises that will target these areas. I find the sessions very beneficial for my mobility as well as improving my general well being.”

42 year old female with MS
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