Pilates Principles in Neurological Physiotherapy

The course is aimed at physiotherapists treating adults with neurological impairments. The course material is particularly relevant to rehab clients.

The learning outcomes are broadly:

  1. An introduction to the basics of Classical Pilates as a movement system and why Pilates has a role clinically.
  2. Learn the basic exercises, including the fundamentals.

  3. To understand how to adapt Pilates exercises to the individual with neurological impairment.

  4. To understand the main goals that can be achieved through using Pilates clinically; core stability, strength, flexibility and motor control.

The course can be delivered as:

  • 1 Day Study Day
  • 2 Day Course

1 Day Study Day

The emphasis is on learning the very basics of Pilates and how to translate this into practice with the neurological population. The basic exercises are the building blocks or ‘Fundamentals’ to the Pilates system and they are essential that they are covered. These exercises and principles are the place every instructor or clinician starts with their patient or client. Further, more dynamic moves, are layered or built on top of the Fundamentals.

During the 1 Day Study Day there is time to explore some of the more dynamic moves in different postural sets.

2 Day Course

The 2 day course covers the material in the 1 day study day but gives the participants the opportunity to explore the concepts in more depth. Pilates is a system with thought and reasoning behind every component. The 2 day course would aim to lead to greater understanding of the system of Pilates and therefore enhance clinical reasoning and translation into clinical practice.

A greater repertoire of exercises would be covered. The 2 day course also enables an application of Pilates exercises over a broader scope of abilities eg from the more dependent patient to those able to participate in exercise in a class setting.

The emphasis on both courses is practical with the expectation that participants will exercise and experience the moves in their own bodies.

Other modules are available to insert into a course:

  1. Standing Pilates
  2. Exercises for the higher level client

If you are interested in hosting a course or have any other training needs please don’t hesitate to contact me so we can discuss your needs.

“I just wanted to say thank you for the study day on at the MS Therapy Centre. It was very useful for me, and very inspiring as well…so thank you…”

Email from course participant
“Excellent course… very helpful to discuss modifications, variations and principles. Lots of information and material”

Course participant Portsmouth February 2014
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